Apple will take your Android phone now and give you a shiny new iPhone instead

Apple will take your Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry off your hands and give you a shiny new iPhone. Its new trade-in program recognizes that some people who want an iPhone, didn't always have one.

BlackBerry surprises Wall Street with a record profit for the fourth quarter

During its conference call, BlackBerry surprised Wall Street by announcing it recorded a net and quarterly profit. Unfortunately, the company's revenue fell below last year's and below analyst expectations.

Black skies: BlackBerry expected to post worst quarterly sales since 2006

As if BlackBerry's fortunes aren't already bad enough, analysts have predicted the company will post its lowest quarterly sales since 2006. We will find out if that's the case in Friday's conference call with CEO John Chen.

Shocker: BlackBerry Passport and Classic aren’t selling well

Stop us if you've heard this one before: BlackBerry phones aren't selling. According to a report, the Passport and Classic are coming up way short of their target sales numbers.

BlackBerry returns to tablet arena with security-focused slate

BlackBerry has teamed up with a number of other tech firms to create a new security-focused tablet aimed at businesses and government agencies. The SecuTab, essentially a modified Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, launches in the summer with a…

Man gets detained at Canadian border for not coughing up his BlackBerry password

Quebec man Alain Philippon was detained at a Canadian airport for refusing to unlock his BlackBerry smartphone. Philippon did not provide authorities with the password because he considers the information as "personal."

BlackBerry is open to making another tablet, so long as it’s ‘iconic’

In an interview during Mobile World Congress, BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed he is open to having his company create another tablet. However, in order for BlackBerry to consider this, the tablet will have to be 'iconic.'
Android Army

More apps for BB10 users as software update opens up Amazon’s Android store

BlackBerry Passport and Classic owners can already access Amazon's app store, but a new update made available on Friday brings the feature – and a raft of other goodies – to all BB10 handsets, among them the Z30 and Q10.

Typo ordered to pay BlackBerry nearly $1m

Typo Products, the startup behind the BlackBerry-like Typo keyboard, has been ordered to pay the Canadian handset maker $860,000 for continuing to sell the accessory despite being ordered not to do so last year.

New video shows WhatsApp Calls feature

The plans that WhatsApp and owner Facebook have for world domination include voice calling capabilities, and while we're still waiting for the feature to be officially released, the leaks keep on coming.

Net neutrality’s not enough for BlackBerry’s John Chen

BlackBerry CEO John Chen wants app neutrality, where manufacturers and developers are obliged to produce apps for all available platforms, and not hold them back for users of a single system.

Samsung clarifies its position on BlackBerry buyout rumor

Despite issuing a statement last week denying it was looking to acquire BlackBerry, Samsung co-CEO and mobile chief JK Shin has felt the need to release a further statement clarifying the Korean company's position.