BlackBerry plans to launch a weird smartphone design at least once every year

If you found the BlackBerry Passport's design to be unorthodox, then expect similarly weird design at least once a year. BlackBerry also confirmed that there will be a Passport sequel.

BlackBerry’s secret weapon isn’t the Passport, it’s a new CEO who can laugh

Boring old BlackBerry tried to be very serious at the launch of the equally serious Passport smartphone. The problem is, CEO John Chen has a personality, and he's not afraid to let it show. We think that's a very good thing.

BlackBerry’s back — Kinda? Says it has sold 200,000 Passport phones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen says the company has already sold 200,000 Passport smartphones, just 48 hours after it went up for pre-order. The Passport also became the best-selling unlocked phone on

Hands on: Blackberry Passport

We go hands on with BlackBerry’s newest, and oddest, new phone, the Passport. Can it keep BlackBerry afloat?

BlackBerry Passport smartphone is coming this week, CEO says it’ll cost $600

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said the Passport smartphone will go on sale this week, and cost $600 without a contract, seeing it slightly undercut high-end phones from Apple and Samsung.

BlackBerry and Porsche Design are back with the $2350 P’9983 smartphone

BlackBerry and Porsche Design have announced their latest smartphone together. It's the P'9983, and while it's technically modeled on the existing BlackBerry Q10 QWERTY phone, the design is strikingly different.

BlackBerry executive suggests company could enter smartwatch space

Comments made by a BlackBerry executive this week suggest the mobile company is considering building its own smartwatch. Enterprise head John Sims described wearables as "definitely an area of research."

BlackBerry announces September 24 event across three cities, Passport phone launch likely

BlackBerry looks set to officially launch its unusual-looking Passport smartphone on September 24 at events in Toronto, London, and Dubai. The question is, will anyone go for a handset with a square display?

BlackBerry sees four new smartphones in its future, according to leak

According to a leaked roadmap, supposedly showing BlackBerry's future smartphone plans, the company has four new devices in development. The new releases could start off with the Passport next month.

BlackBerry Passport: Hands-on video shows off keyboard features

BlackBerry is back at it with a new, square, QWERTY smartphone called the Passport. The BlackBerry Passport will launch in September, but here's everything we know so far.

BlackBerry’s restructure is complete, on its way to recovery, says CEO Chen

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said in an internal memo the three-year company restructure is complete, and that the firm is now on its way to recovery. This comes just before it fully reveals the Passport, a smartphone designed to…

BBM lands on Windows Phone with tile interface

BlackBerry finally released BBM for Windows Phone after much ado. The app features a tiled user interface that's well-suited to Microsoft's operating system.