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Stay off my turf! Walmart boots Amazon Kindles from retail stores

Wal-Mart will no longer carry Amazon's Kindle devices. What's up with that?
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Amazon about face: Will allow Kindle Fire ad opt-out for $15

When Amazon said its new Kindle Fire tablets would come ad-supported with no chance to opt-out, potential buyers kicked up a stink. As a result, the Seattle-based company has performed an about face, announcing on Saturday evening that it…
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[Update] Opting out of ads not an option with new Amazon tablets

If you're considering purchasing a new Kindle Fire, you may want to hear this first: The new Amazon Kindle Fire tablets supports ads, but will not offer its buyers an option to opt out of "Special Offers."
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Trouble ahead? 4G LTE Kindle Fire doesn’t yet have FCC approval for sale

Amazon is marketing its new 4G LTE Kindle Fire HD tablet despite the fact that it hasn't yet received approval from the Federal Communications Commission. The situation has been described as unusual by attorneys and analysts familiar with…
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Ad supported: All of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablets come with Special Offers

All of Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablets will feature ads on the lock screen, with no option to opt out. If you were interested in one of the new devices from the e-commerce giant, does this put you off?
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Amazon revamps Kindle Fire, goes big with 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD

The vanilla Kindle Fire will get more features and a lower price of just $159, while the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE will go head to head with Apple's iPad.
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New Amazon TV ad reveals large-screen Fire tablet and back-lit ‘Paperwhite’ e-reader

An Amazon ad broadcast Wednesday night appeared to reveal a number of products set for launch on Thursday, including a large-screen Kindle Fire tablet and back-lit Paperwhite e-reader.

Amazon to unveil cut-price Kindle Fire with ads, says report

According to reports, Amazon is planning to unveil two versions of its upgraded Kindle Fire tablet next week – one regular model and a cheaper version supported by ads.

Amazon rumor: ‘Paperwhite’ Kindle e-reader on the way?

It looks like Amazon will be revealing more than just a refreshed version of its Kindle Fire tablet next week. An updated Kindle Touch – or possibly a completely new e-reader – with a new kind of 'Paperwhite' display may also be on the…
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Kindle Fire ‘sold out’ ahead of Sept. 6 Amazon event: Kindle Fire 2 coming soon?

Amazon has more-or-less confirmed that a new Kindle Fire will be announced next week.
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Amazon strikes deal with NBC for Parks and Recreation, Battlestar Galactica

Definitely an excellent addition for Amazon Prime subscribers, the retailer has added a variety of NBC shows on the streaming video service.
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Surprise: IDC finds iPad still dominates tablet market

New figures from IDC show the iPad accounting for 68 percent of the tablet market, but challenges are coming from Google and Microsoft.