The NSA can track you via smartphone under ‘certain circumstances’

A lawyer from the National Security Agency says it will clarify these terms in the near future, but that there are situations in which the department can use smartphone location data to track citizens.

Bill would require warrants to search email, cell phones

Newly unveiled legislation would, if passed, require the government to have probable cause before being able to legally search citizens' online property.
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Senators grill Apple, Google over location data

Representatives of Apple and Google sat in the hot seat on Capitol Hill Tuesday to answer senators' questions about their collection of mobile location data.

Apple fixes location tracking glitch with iOS 4.3.3

After taking ample heat for tracking users' whereabouts, Apple will issue an iOS upgrade to put things right.
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South Korean police probe Google offices over location data

Location-gate heated to a blue and white glow for Google this week after police in South Korea "visited" the company's offices.
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TomTom sold customer driving data to police

It's been a bad week for privacy, and it's only getting worse. TomTom is the latest company to reveal that it's been tracking - and selling - consumer location and driving data.