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Here at Terms & Conditions, we read the terms of service, privacy policies, and other required legal contracts of websites and online services so you don’t have to. (Not that you were going to read them anyway.) Check out our Terms & Conditions archive below to see all the important provisions you should take into consideration before clicking “Agree.”

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Vine says no to porn

People who like their porn in six-second loops will be disappointed to hear that Twitter-owned Vine has banned sexually explicit content from its app. Violators will have their account suspended until they remove the offending content, the company said.


KlearGear fines couple $3,500 for negative review

A couple in Utah have been hit with a $3,500 fine from KlearGear after posting a negative review of the site nearly five years ago. With help from Public Citizen the pair are now contesting the charges.


Terms & Conditions: Wikipedia is open, but your user data isn’t

Wikipedia is all about openness. But as you might expect from a website mostly controlled by the community, its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy keep users' identities a secret. For Web users, that's about as good as it gets these days.


Terms & Conditions: Sorry gents, Lulu has you hanging by your data

Lulu, the social networking app where women rate the men in their lives, plays fast and hard with guys' data without ever asking them for permission. Here's how the company gets away with it.


Terms & Conditions: Vizify knows everything about you (updated)

Data visualization company Vizify allows you to create a slick online profile that tells viewers a whole heck of a lot about you. So, what exactly are you getting yourself into when you click "agree" with Vizify? Let's find out.


Terms & Conditions: Freedompop will nickel and dime you – but it’s still a good deal

Wireless service provider Freedompop promises completely "free" service for customers. But a quick look at its payment terms shows that the company will nickel and dime you – but not nearly as badly as companies like Verizon and AT&T will.


Terms & Conditions: Aereo toes a legal line but that’s its problem, not yours

Aereo, the company broadcast TV networks hate, recently expanded its services to Boston, with 20 other cities set to receive access by the end of 2013. Here we'll sift through its Terms of Use to see just what subscribers are getting themselves into.

Home Theater

Terms & Conditions: The Xbox One will watch and listen (but what can it share?)

Microsoft's new Kinect motion controller, which sports a high-resolution 1080p camera and multiple microphones has users worried about privacy – and a quick look at the legalese shows they may be on to something.