Drew Prindle

Drew Prindle

Drew's fascination with technology began at an early age - shortly after he licked a 9-volt battery for the first time. It was this first taste of technology that sparked his interest in how electronics work, and he's been obsessed ever since. Aside from keeping up with the latest developments in tech, he enjoys shock humor, and working puns into his writing at every opportunity. You can find his work on Digital Trends and The Manual.
Cool Tech

Electroloom prints ready-to-wear clothing like a cotton candy machine gone haywire

Rather than creating garments with a series of snap-together plastic parts, the Electroloom uses a process it calls Field Guided Fabrication to create real, fabric-based clothing from scratch
Cool Tech

With the help of bacteria, this amazing new bio-concrete can repair its own cracks

Researchers have developed a special kind of "bio-concrete" that's imbued with a specific strain of bacteria. When the concrete fractures, the bacteria will spring into action and fill the crack back up with limestone.
Product Review

Myo Gesture Control Armband Review

Myo reads your muscles for the snappiest gesture tracking ever devised.
Cool Tech

Forget plastic — this 3D printer retrofit makes it possible to print fudge, jelly, and more

Instead of feeding plastic filament through a heated nozzle, Bocusini works like a super-precise pastry bag, and deposits food onto your plate, layer-by-layer, from a syringe-like cartridge
Cool Tech

This drone parachute automatically deploys itself if it detects a stall

Whenever SmartChutes' sensors detect that your drone is falling, they automatically deploy a spring-loaded parachute, which slows down the drone's descent, and (hopefully) reduces the damage it experiences when it hits the ground.
Cool Tech

GE engineers just made a fully-functional 3D printed jet engine

To showcase the versatility of 3D printing as a manufacturing process, a team of engineers at GE recently built a fully-functional, backpack-sized jet engine made entirely from 3D-printed parts.
Cool Tech

Mr. Everything can play music, charge your gadgets, and even jump your car

Inside the confines of its sleek, modern exterior, Mr. Everything boasts a set of Bluetooth speakers, a wireless charging pad, a set of LED lights, a storage compartment, and more ports than you can shake a stick at.
Cool Tech

This ingenious device makes it impossible to slouch in your office chair

Instead of using wearable sensors to pester you throughout the day, BetterBack uses a set of simple, adjustable straps to keep your spine from bending into an arc while you are sitting.

The coolest stuff you didn’t know you could get at the hardware store

Your local hardware store harbors tons of little tools, materials, and parts that most people have no idea exist, but are ridiculously useful to have in your tool shed, so we went ahead and rounded up a few of our favorites to put together…