No Febreze needed: Table Air knocks out smells along with pollen, dust, viruses

Between the smog and pollutants we pump into the atmosphere, the pollen and other allergens that mother nature lets loose, and the rancid gasses that waft over from your coworker’s cubicle, it’s a fairly safe bet that the air you’re breathing right now isn’t very fresh. You could probably use a purifier of some sort — but not just any old air filter will do. With all the different crap floating around in the air these days, you need a multitalented purifier that can handle a wide range of different pollutants.

Enter: Table Air — a remote-controlled smart air purifier that just landed on Kickstarter. Not only is thing equipped with a PM2.5 filter to catch ultra-fine particulate matter, it’s also outfitted with an ultraviolet disinfection system, odor removal, and a handful of different purification functions. In other words, it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. The PM2.5 filter helps to filter out pollen, dust, and other microscopic particles floating around, whereas the ultraviolet disinfection system helps murder any airborne viruses and bacteria. And if you’ve got some unpleasant odors wafting around your nose, Table Air is designed to accommodate disposable fragrance pads that help fight the stench.

The device also includes a built-in Wi-Fi module, which can be controlled directly through Table Air’s mobile application, giving you functions like a remote switch and wind speed control. This network connectivity also means the purifier can assess the surrounding air quality, use that information to automatically adjust its own settings, and also provide travel and health recommendations.

The company behind the device has turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds for Table Air’s first production run, and has already blasted past its initial (and admittedly low) funding goal. If you back the project now, you can snag up a Table Air purifier for around $79. The company expects to ship devices to backers as early as September of this year.