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One less errand! Swash lets you do your dry cleaning at home

Let’s be real here: getting your clothes dry cleaned isn’t that much of a chore. It’s really just more of a minor inconvenience. You can’t easily do it yourself in the comfort of your own home like the rest of your clothes, so you’ve typically swing by a dry cleaning service, drop off your stuff, and then swing back later in the day to pick it up. It’s not difficult by any means, but not exactly an enjoyable experience either — especially after you get the bill.

But thanks to this freshly-released gizmo called Swash, you can finally freshen up all your high-maintenance threads at home. It’s essentially a slim, compact steam closet that’s designed to fit neatly into your closet or up against a dresser, and revitalize your clothes at the push of a button.

Under the hood, it’s outfitted with an single hanger and a set of specially-engineered steam nozzles that gently blast your garments with a water-based cleaning solution. To use it, you just hang your gear inside, insert one of Swash’s special K-Cup-like cleaning pods, close the drawer, and hit go. In just ten minutes, it’ll freshen up and remove all wrinkles from the clothing items you put inside.

That being said, however, the company is fairly upfront about the fact that Swash isn’t meant to replace professional dry cleaning entirely. Instead, it’s really just meant to prolong the life and wearability of your garments in between trips to the pros, so if you have some serious stains on your gear, you’ll probably still want to hit up that Levine’s on the corner.

The Swash system isn’t quite available for purchase just yet, but for the time being, they’ve opened up pre-orders through a partnership with Bloomingdales. You can reserve one now for 500 bucks, so depending on how much time, energy, and cash you spend on dry cleaning in a given year, it may or may not be a worthwhile investment.

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