Geoff Duncan

Geoff Duncan

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Geoff Duncan writes, programs, edits, plays music, and delights in making software misbehave. He's probably the only member of the Digital Trends staff who's played on hit records and had code running in space. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Is the era of building your own PC coming to a close?

As computers continue to get less customizable and Intel exits the desktop market, are we finally leaving the era where anyone with a screwdriver can build a PC?
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No buttons, no problem: Here’s how touchscreens work when you can’t see

The world loves smartphones and tablets, but what if you - or someone you know - can't see see a display, hear feedback, or even touch the screen? Surprisingly, a number of brilliant workarounds exist to keep you connected.
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Happy birthday Safari! Thanks for changing everything

There was once a time when the "mobile" web was significantly different from the "real" one, but that bridge has been gapped over the past 10 years thanks – primarily – to Apple's browser.

Success at CES doesn’t always work out

The annual CES trade show always brings a host of allegedly world-changing products, but if history is any indication, many of them will never be seen again.

Manufacturers’ sales figures seem fishy? They probably are

Every tech company wants to break about all the gadgets it sold last year, but the methods used to figure it out aren't always as accurate as you would expect.
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Is Google helpless to stop the scourge of Android malware?

The amount of malware targeting Android is still growing fast, and Google has promised to crack down. Turns out, that's not going so well.

IBM wants your next computer to think (and sense) like you

IBM is forecasting computers will master the five senses - vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell - within five years. What will that mean in the real world?

Will the Willy Wonka of technology will help Google usher in a sci-fi future?

Google has hired famed inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil as director of engineering. Will he be a figurehead, or a driving force at the company?

Why is Intel’s smartphone strategy focusing overseas?

Intel seems to be aiming its smartphone efforts at emerging markets rather than places Europe and North America? Smart, or running scared?
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T-Mobile isn’t paying for your phone anymore, and that’s a good thing

T-Mobile has an ambitious plan to end smartphone subsidies. Could you actually come out ahead by paying up-front for your phone?

What happens to the Web now that smartphones and tablets run the show?

Everyone knows smartphones and tablets are hot, but guess what? By some reckonings, they've eroded almost two thirds of the Wintel empire.

Does ‘Assembled in USA’ mean anything for Apple?

Some new iMacs say "Assembled in USA" rather than "Assembled in China." If it's a strategy shift and not a fluke, what might it mean for Apple?