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Vine’s updated iOS app means you can squint at tiny video clips on the Apple Watch

Video sharing app Vine has released an update to its iOS app, which includes support for the Apple Watch, and an accompanying complication. Videos and small screens don’t usually go together, but despite Vine’s recent focus on higher resolution clips, keen Vine lovers can now watch videos on the tiny Watch. Should pulling out your phone to view them be too much effort.

Vine Apple WatchThe Vine Watch app shows two feeds, your favourites and the Featured list. The former is built from your own collection of favourite Vine creators, while the latter is made from those selected by Vine. Each video can be liked or shared again from the Watch’s screen. If that sounds like a feature for the Vine-obsessed, then the complication is even more niche. It adds a count to the Watch’s screen showing the total amount of video loops you’ve attained.

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To get the Apple Watch Vine app you’ll need to update your iOS app to the latest version, then go to the standard Apple Watch app, look for Vine in the list and toggle the switch to on. For the complication, it’s all done on the Watch. Provided a Watch face with compilation support is active, it’s added using a hard press on the screen, finding a spot for it, and selecting Vine from the drop-down list.

After updating the Vine app on your iPhone, try out the new video discovery feature. A left swipe on the video you’re watching watch slides in another, related clip of Vine’s choosing. If that one’s no good, then swipe again. And again. Vine wants to make finding cool new clips easier and faster, and the any-direction-swipe system is a popular one. Vine uses the same method in Vine Kids, its app aimed at a young audience that was released earlier this year.