Samsung and Google reschedule Ice Cream Sandwich announcement to October 19

Samsung Google Event Hong KongThanks to a handy little email from Samsung PR we now know the new date and location for the Samsung and Google announcement. The announcement included a picture of an ice cream sandwich so it appears the rumors about a Samsung device running the new Android OS are true. The event will be held in Hong Kong on October 19 at 10AMwhich will be October 18 at 10PM EST thanks to the time difference, and will be live streamed on YouTube.

The original event was to be held this week, but was postponed and Samsung cited the death of Steve Jobs as the reason for the delay. In a teaser video for the event there is a profile image of a device with fairly curved screen, but there isn’t much else that can be learned from the video. We were lucky enough to see a few leaked technical specifications for the phone, and it sounds like an extremely robust device.

There is also a leaked video of Ice Cream Sandwich loaded on a phone, which very possibly is the next Nexus phone. The phone in the video does not have the normal Android buttons and appears to have a curved display. It is hard to tell if the phone’s screen matches the rumored 4.65-inch 1280 x 720-pixel Super AMOLED HD, but the screen doesn’t look small.

The next Nexus phone is rumored to be released in the U.S. exclusively on Verizon, for at least a short time. Of course with the timing of the event coming just after the massive Amazon Verizon phone sale new Verizon users will have to weigh the pros on cons of holding out on getting a Droid Bionic for only a penny prior to hearing about the Nexus phone.

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