Anniversary edition of Frogger hops into App Store

anniversary edition of frogger hops into app store decadesCan Frogger really be that old? The amphibian-based game first entered the consciousness of gamers the world over in the year when Charles and Diana got married, when MTV launched, and when the first space shuttle mission took place. That’s right, 1981.

And this week, to celebrate its 30th birthday, Konami – the company behind the popular video game – has launched “an all new Frogger adventure” for iOS devices.

Called Frogger Decades, the $1.99 download features an original music soundtrack as well as a cast of new characters. And a frog, naturally.

The game’s iTunes description page says gamers can “play using either the classic D-Pad or our intuitive touch controls.” You can also play against other Frogger-lovers from around the world via the OpenFeint network.

The game was a huge hit when it first appeared all those years ago and subsequently spawned more versions than there are squashed toads on I-95. The idea is to navigate a frog back to its home across a hazardous highway and rushing river. A rather simple concept by today’s game-playing standards, but nevertheless a highly addictive one, and a game that is at times so frustrating it can leave you, dare I say, hopping mad.

For the nostalgic types among you who’d like a taste of classic Frogger, you can play a free version of it online here.