Apple looks set to launch a 128GB iPad 4, report claims

ipad miniIt looks like there could be another iPad on the way, with this one sporting 128GB of internal storage. The news comes courtesy of Apple site 9to5Mac, which appears to be pretty confident in its claim.

According to sources at a “high-profile retailer,” Apple is prepping the release of an another iPad model to fit alongside the company’s existing 16GB, 32GB and 64GB offerings. Just to be clear, this would be an additional fourth-generation iPad, not an updated or refreshed version of the popular tablet.

A purported SKU (stock keeping unit) listing handed to 9to5Mac by the retailer appears to reveal the new iPad.

apple could be about to launch a 128gb ipad 4 report says sku

“The P101 and P103 names are Apple’s internal nomenclature for the Wi-Fi-only and cellular-compatible fourth-generation iPads, respectively,” 9to5Mac notes.

It goes on to explain that the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage sizes are known as “good”, “better” and “best”, respectively. It’s suggested therefore that “ultimate” refers to – you guessed it – a 128GB device. “A” apparently points to the black option while “B” is for the white model.

The website’s claim is backed up by an earlier report about the discovery of an apparent reference to a larger-capacity iPad among Apple’s latest iOS 6.1 beta code, released to developers over the weekend.

9to5Mac notes that its information points to a new addition to the larger iPad and not the iPad Mini, adding that it may be possible the new device is being lined up for government agencies, retail use or for “other internal uses.”

So as with all things Apple, it’s impossible to know about the veracity of these claims until the Cupertino company speaks, though based on the current tidbits of information, it seems likely that an iPad with double the capacity of the current priciest Apple tablet will be offered in the not too distant future.