Are iPhone 4S cases already showing up at AT&T stores?

iphone 4s case huge cameraEven with all the Facebook and HP news today Apple’s still unannounced iPhone still finds a way to make the news. Today BGR is reporting that some AT&T stores are stocking cases for the iPhone 4S, and they were even nice enough to provide some pictures. With all the talk about a drastically changed iPhone 5 it is sort of nice to see only slightly modified iPhone 4 cases for one of the next versions of Apple’s phone.

iphone 4S otterboxThere are a couple of different cases that have hit store shelves and there are only a couple of slight changes. First the hole made for the camera and flash is much larger and looks almost too large; especially when you compare the old case with the new case side by side like in the picture. We really can’t see a camera lens being that large on the back of the phone, so we aren’t quite sure how they are planning on filling all that space.

The second picture of an Otter Box case also shows a new, or at least changed cut out. It looks as though there is a tall cut out on one side of the phone. It looks to be on the side to the right of the screen, and looks like it’s under what appears to be volume buttons. This would be moving the volume buttons from the left side to the right side of the phone. No clue what that cut out could house, but it is something new.

Now that even Al Gore is saying that more than one iPhone will be announced it seems logical that there will be a drastically changed iPhone 5 and a slightly updated iPhone 4S.  We might be seeing that here with these cases, where most everything is the same, but some very might changes that could be linked to new internal components.