How to Do Multitasking on the iPhone 4 with iOS4

how to do multitasking on the iphone 4 with ios4Multitasking has been available on the iPhone for years via jailbreaking, but with the new iOS4 operating system, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS can now multitask natively. The iPhone 4 comes with iOS4 installed and can multitask out of the box, but 3GS users must install iOS4 to enable multitasking. Apps may also need to be updated to take advantage of multitasking.

How to multitask:

  • In iOS4, when you you exit an app by pressing the home button, it stays running in the background.
  • Double tap the home button to see all the running apps will appear at the bottom in the multitasking dock.
  • Scroll right and left to check out which apps are running and select the app you want to open.
  • When selected, the app will open and seamlessly switch with the previous app you were running.
  • To close an app and make it unavailable in the multitasking dock, simply press and hold the icon and click the (-) minus symbol that appears in the upper left corner of the icon.