How To: Redownload an iPad app

how to redownload an ipad app 001 apps screenAccidents happen. You’re going along and then suddenly your favorite app is gone. Whether you’ve purposely or accidently deleted an app from your iPad, it’s a surprisingly simple process to get it back, and you can do it all from your iPad.

Before we get into the process, we do recommend that you back up your iPad in general. This will help prevent loss of data and apps. This is recommended generally for most of your important data carriers like your computer, iPod, smartphone, etc. 

1. Open iTunes on the iPad.

2. Log into your iTunes account. Make sure that it’s the same account that you used to originally purchase the app.

3. Search for the app in the iTunes store and tap it. Tap “Buy App” when the window changes.

4. Tap “Okay” when it prompts if you want to download the app again for free. 

5. Again, make sure that you back up the app on your computer to help prevent future issues.