Israel Bans the iPad over Wireless Woes

Apparently not everyone loves the iPad. The AP is reporting that Israel has told Apple that its tablet computer is not welcome.

Israel is claiming that the strength of the iPad’s wireless receivers and transmitters are incompatible with Israeli national standards, and might disrupt other devices. So far 10 iPads have been confiscated, and Israeli officials plan on confiscating any further iPads attempting to make their way into the country. The iPads will be held at customs (for a fee) in storage until the owner leaves or ships the tablet elsewhere.

Apple recently announced plans to delay the iPad’s worldwide launch by a month to increase supply in the U.S. No word from Apple on whether they will attempt to fight the ban, or just cancel pending shipments to Israel.

This isn’t the first time Israel has closed its doors to technology it has deemed to cause problems. In 2003, Israel suspended purchases of Microsoft products after becoming unhappy with Microsoft’s pricing, and hoping to encourage open source alternatives

The decision is simply a precaution to avoid possible disruptions to existing wireless devices, according to Israeli officials.

Israel and Europe do not allow Wi-Fi broadcasting at as high a power level as the U.S. allows, although no other European nations have joined the ban. Israel’s concern is that the iPad could consume too much bandwidth and throw off other wireless devices as well as bog down existing networks – something iPhone users can no doubt sympathize with.

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