The OS X El Capitan beta is hiding secrets about upcoming Apple hardware

Apple iMac with Retina

Apple should’ve expected that putting out a beta of the new operating system to developers would result in someone digging deep into the guts of the OS to see what’s there. A few lines of code buried in the OS files suggests that there might be a new iMac on the way with a 4K display, as well as Bluetooth remotes for the Apple TV, according to 9to5Mac.

In a list of compatible displays and resolutions, amidst a series of config settings, is a line that includes a series of Retina displays, one of which is titled “4096 x 2304 Retina.” The current iMac offerings include a 21.5-inch 1080p display, and a 27-inch display in both 1440p and 5K resolutions. It’s likely that the 4K display would be used as an update to the current line of 21.5-inch machines.

Further digging revealed a selection of graphics adapters that might find their way into these systems, starting with the Intel Iris Pro 6200 graphics chip. It also lists a series of AMD Radeon R9 cards, the M380, M390, M395, and M395X, as available adapters. Based on the customization options Apple has offered in the past, it’s likely only one or two of these chips will come to market, and the others are included for testing purposes.

A file named “AppleBluetoothRemote.kext” inside the newest developer beta also points to what might be a new remote Apple is preparing to launch. From the initial research, it appears that the new remote supports a large set of features, including connectivity over Wi-Fi and infrared, as well as a multi-touch trackpad. Less certain is what else the remote is capable of, with files that may point to force touch support, as well as either audio in or out.

It’s all just speculation for now, but Apple wouldn’t have included the code unless products with those features were being tested. They may never make it out of Cupertino, but at least we know there’s a chance.