Video: Christmas horror spoof shows the dark side of Siri

Siri has, in the main, been well received by both iPhone users and critics alike, with many in both camps having a good ol’ chuckle at the silly answers the virtual personal assistant sometimes gives.

The folks behind Austin-based Rooster Teeth Productions decided to take things a step further and imagine a spooky scenario where Siri turns bad and, rather than trying to be helpful, tries to kill you instead.

The result is an entertaining two-minute spoof movie trailer called Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie. It begins light-heartedly enough with a family gathered around a Christmas tree, opening gifts with much gaiety and joy. And whaddya know, everyone receives a brand new iPhone 4S, pre-loaded with Siri!

One recipient asks Siri, “What’s the meaning of life?”

“Life has no meaning,” Siri replies.

And from there things turn sinister. There are plenty of amusingly dark skits within the trailer, such as when one guy driving his car asks Siri if he should turn left or right at a junction. “Continue driving straight,” Siri tells him. So the man does – straight into a brick wall.

If you’d prefer to watch a more family-oriented video about Siri than one where the virtual personal assistant turns into a serial killer, check out Apple’s new TV ad here.

For those who want to know what happens when an iPhone app turns bad, watch Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie below.

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