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1,400-horsepower Toyota Supra gets us excited for the next-gen model

Toyota Supra
Interest in the Toyota Supra is peaking now that we know a brand-new model is right around the corner. Toyota isn’t ready to show us the car yet, so it’s a good time to revisit some of its awesome predecessors, and the performance they’re capable of delivering with the right modifications. Just as a warning: The video below contains NSFW language.

That Racing Channel recently featured a highly modified fourth-generation Supra that can make big-name supercars run away while screaming “mommy!” It’s equipped with a 3.2-liter, straight-six engine tuned to produce 1,400 horsepower in its most basic configuration. Once drivetrain losses are factored in, the Supra puts down about 1,250 horses at the rear wheels. The owner points out that’s with the nitrous oxide injection system turned off; turning it on takes performance to a whole new level.

1400HP Supra Gettin' Rowdy - Rolling Anti-lag!

Dialing that kind of power into a stock engine is a near-certain way to destroy it. It’s like building a PC; the best builds are the ones that have been comprehensively upgraded. The Supra shown in the video ticks all of the boxes. It’s equipped with a custom-built engine upgraded with aluminum connecting rods, bigger fuel injectors, and a turbo the size of the steering wheel. The six-cylinder spins the rear wheels via the Supra’s stock six-speed manual transmission, which is surprising; we didn’t know the factory gearbox could handle 1,400 horsepower without exploding into a million pieces. Finally, the engine breathes through a straight-pipe exhaust. It’s what gives this Supra a race car-like soundtrack.

Mechanically speaking, this is a build closer to a race car than to the bone-stock coupe it started life as. There is even an anti-lag system, which reduces turbo lag to give the driver more power when it’s needed. The only visual indications that betray the artillery under the hood are the massive Mickey Thompson tires that wrap the rear wheels and the huge exhaust pipe. The rest of the car looks relatively stock, making this one helluva sleeper.

That’s just one example of what the Supra can do. There is no shortage of YouTube videos showing similarly modified Supras burning rubber and humiliating high-end supercars at the drag strip. Are you excited for the new model yet?

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