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Agent 007’s car company is selling baby strollers, designer clothing, and yachts

2017 Aston Martin DB11 First Drive
Miles Branman/Digital Trends
Aston Martin sells cars, right? Well, yes it does, but now you can add Hackett clothing, fashion accessories, luggage, Aston eyeglass frames, and even Quintessence yachts to the list of luxury items the famed British automaker purveys, according to Bloomberg.

It’s not unusual for car companies to sell branded accessories, but in most cases the goods are limited to caps, shirts, key rings, and coffee cups. Porsche Design, a subsidiary of Porsche AG, is an exception that primarily sells sunglasses, watches, pens and other personal accessories. Aston-Martin, however, is reaching much wider in its range of offered goods. A common theme: luxury.

Luxury tops the list of several reasons Aston Martin has opened a brick and mortar store for a wide range of goods in London’s Mayfair district. The selection of items displayed in the store demand attention for their design, their attention to detail, and their price tags. Aston Martin wants you to associate the brand with luxury.

Profit can count for another good reason for the Aston Martin store and website. Whether you own or desire to own an Aston Martin vehicle, there’s an indelible panache associated with the brand from early and later James Bond films. Aston Martins were featured in Die Another Day, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall. And this does suggest that people will buy Aston Martin accessories, permitting the company to clear a tidy profit.

So you might never even ride in an Aston Martin, but you can carry a tan “coat wallet” that will set you back $270. Surely people will ask where you got it when they see its “striking electric blue leather lining” and you can off-handedly remark, “Oh, it’s an Aston Martin I picked up in Mayfair.”

And one additional reason for the Aston Martin store, of course, is to sell cars. Aston Martins are parked in front of the store and a $213,000 DB11 is currently displayed inside. You can view available Aston Martin leather and paint color choices at the store in hopes are you’ll be inspired to order your own car.

Aston Martin is seeking profitability by the end of 2018. To support that goal, you can stop by the Mayfair store to buy a handmade $20,000 alligator bag with a 24-karat Aston Martin wings medallion, a $4,000 Silver Cross baby stroller, or perhaps a nifty DB11. I’d like mine in steel gray, please.

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