Audi gives us a glimpse of its TT RS Plus

Audi is offloading some more motoring machismo with a stylish new version of its TT RS. Dubbed the TT RS ‘Plus’, the enhanced auto will feature a host of improvements and tweaks made to the already zippy ride.

With the new TT RS Plus, Audi has managed to squeeze a healthy 360 horsepower from the car’s power-boosted five cylinder turbo that can sprint from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and deliver a max speed of 173 miles per hour.

The TT RS Plus will be available in either hardtop or convertible configurations–and customers will have the option of a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed S tronic.

Made of lightweight aluminum at the front end and sheet steel at the rear, the Coupe version of TT RS plus with manual transmission—comprised of Audi’s signature Quattro drive–weighs in at just 3,196.70 pounds.

The TT RS Plus shares much with the TT RS–there are some visual cues that stand out such as a new aluminum grill, a carbon engine cover, carbon fiber mirror covers, flashy red highlighted 19-inch wheels, and an aluminium gear stick, but other than that they remain quite similar.

As mentioned, Audi TT RS plus will be available in both Coupe and Roadster versions in Europe and cost €60,650 in Germany or €62,800 with the seven-speed S tronic. Alternatively, those looking to opt for the roadster will be find a €63,500 or €65,650 sticker price respectively. No definitive word yet on stateside availability.