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Be the fastest commuter standing on two feet with the 40-mph Mantis e-scooter

If you like a shot of adrenaline during your daily commute and weekend wanderings, Fluid Freeride’s Mantis escooter delivers. Available now for pre-orders, with shipping expected in mid-September, the Mantis comes in two versions, each with two 1,000-watt motors that can power you along at 40 miles per hour.

Fluid Freeride will sell two Mantis variants, the Base and Pro. Both models are capable of 40-mph scooting, but they differ in battery size and, therefore, travel range. Under the board, the Mantis Base model has a 17.5 Ah battery rated for up to 35 miles in Eco mode using one motor. The Pro model’s 24.5 Ah battery can travel up to 55 miles in Eco mode. Top speed in Eco mode is 30 mph. When you travel in dual motor mode, the max speed is 40 mph, but the range will be less. As always, your mileage will vary depending on speed, terrain, and incline.

A standard 2-amp charger recharges the Mantis battery to 100% in 8 to 12 hours, so overnight charging should be sufficient for most riders. Fluidfreeride plans to offer an optional fast charger in the future.

Both models measure 49-inches long x 24-inches wide x 50-inches high, or 49-inches x 24-inches x 19-inches folded. The Base variant weighs 61 pounds and the Pro tips the scales at 65 pounds. With those weights, you won’t carry them around without a thought, but they’re still light enough to lift into a truck or trunk.

The front and rear wheels are driven by two 60V, 1,000-watt brushless motor controllers. The escooter rides on 10-inch-diameter x 2.5-inch-wide air-filled tires. Spring arm front and rear suspensions help soften the ride, and the moderately wide tires also help. Fluid Freeride expects riders to be able to travel over grass, dirt trails, and on reasonably smooth ground with up to 35-degree inclines. Passenger and cargo weight is rated up to 265 pounds.

The Base model has semi-hydraulic disc brakes, and the Pro comes with fully hydraulic disc brakes. The latter is preferred because hydraulic brakes require little or no maintenance while mechanical brakes need to be checked and adjusted when necessary.

The Mantis Base variant has an LED display that shows speed, cruise control, and regenerative braking strength. The Pro model has an upgraded Minimotors display that also indicates motor torque and ABS.

The Mantis has two front and rear LEDs, plus a lateral LED strip, all of which will help with visibility. Fluid Freeride recommends buying an attachable headlight for riding after sundown.

The Fluid Freeride Base model will list for $1,699 and the Pro variant for $2,399. Pre-orders before August 31 cost $1,499 for the Base and $2,099 for the Pro model.

Emergency room injuries from escooter accidents are rising, and many riders do not wear helmets consistently. If you’re going to ride at full speed, you might consider a full-face motorcycle helmet and maybe a Dainese Smart Jacket airbag vest for extra protection. You’ll want to temper your pace on public roadways and sidewalks.

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