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Millennial matchmaker: the 10 best new cars for the connected generation

The automotive industry may be in a scramble to secure engineering talent, but what it really seems to need are people who understand the Millennial generation. Every week there’s a new study claiming Millennials aren’t buying cars, or don’t want to drive, or would rather take Ubers everywhere.

While the data is mostly accurate, the responses and interpretations of the study results are way off base. Some automakers seem to think loading a new car with gadgets will automatically sell more of them. Perhaps worse are those that ignore any obvious differences between Millennial and previous generations, choosing to produce the same conservative models year after year.

Fortunately, some brands have invested in diagnosing the needs and wants of this highly connected, diverse segment. Manufacturers who prioritize intuitive, adaptive in-car technologies packaged in affordable, handsome vehicles will own their respective sales classes. Let’s take a look at which makes and models are leading the charge.

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