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Three new Eye1 dash cams from Car and Driver offer 1080p video, start at $70

car and driver dash cams ces2017 cam
Dedicated dashboard-mounted cameras are apparently all the rage these days, as evidenced by the three new Car and Driver-branded models that were just announced at CES. The trio of cameras provide a range of prices and features for motorists looking to document their drives, whether just for fun or to provide an objective point of view after an accident or traffic stop. Each model offers Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, loop recording, time stamping, and support for SD memory cards up to 32GB (an 8GB card is included in the box).

The entry-level CDC-618 is built around an ultraslim design and 2.4-inch LCD screen. Like its more-expensive siblings, it features both motion and accident detection and will automatically start recording when needed. The lens has a viewing angle of 156 degrees and can save still images at up to 5MP. At just $70, the CDC-618 could be an intriguing option for drivers looking for a basic dash cam.

The midrange CDC-620 goes for $130 and also features an ultra-slim design, but boasts a larger 2.7-inch screen, the largest of the three. The camera has the same 156-degree viewing angle of the CDC-618 but can capture still photos at 12MP resolution. A built-in microphone records in-car audio along with the video, so remember: Your embarrassing radio singalong sessions could become evidence.

At the top of the line is the CDC-622. This flagship dash cam features a 2.4-inch screen and the widest viewing angle of the three cameras at 170 degrees. Called a “security and hands-free entertainment hub,” the slightly larger unit adds Wi-Fi, GPS, SIM card support, and a three-axis G sensor. It is designed to mount to a rearview mirror and sells for $230.

All three models are compatible with the CloudCover mobile app, giving users the option to control the cameras from their phones.

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