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ChargePoint has taken over all of GE’s 10,000 charging stations

chargepoint ge charging station express plus
The world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network just got a little bigger. On Tuesday, ChargePoint announced that it had taken over management of GE’s EV charging network, adding almost 10,000 residential and commercial charging spots to its burgeoning base. While GE’s existing software and commercial charging spots will be maintained, they’ll be under new management (though if all goes well, you won’t even notice).

For almost 10 years, ChargePoint has been offering environmentally conscious drivers a way to rejuice their electric vehicles. And while ChargePoint doesn’t technically own any of the charging stations (it just builds their hardware and software), it does offer a variety of tools and features that could appeal to drivers, like access control, pricing capabilities, energy management, and scheduled charging.

If you’re an EV owner currently on the GE network, you’ll receive an invitation from ChargePoint to use its mobile app in order to identify available charging stations, track usage, and more.

“A reliable and consistent charging experience is crucial for fostering EV adoption and these are the key elements that ChargePoint has integrated into our business model for more than a decade,” said Pasquale Romano, CEO and president of ChargePoint Inc. “We are excited to expand our network with the acquisition of GE’s network and have worked closely with the GE team to ensure a seamless transition for customers and drivers. We are growing globally and are the best equipped to bring former GE customers and drivers into the ChargePoint family.”

GE will still fulfill all of its warranty obligations to customers, so don’t worry about being left out in the cold — the company wants to ensure that you’re still taken care of. But with this transition, the hope is that EV drivers will be able to find a compatible station anywhere they go. After all, ChargePoint claims to be “laying the foundation for a future where electric mobility is convenient for anyone, everywhere they go.”

And to help ChargePoint go everywhere is a new $43 million round of funding, which is geared toward helping the company expand its footprint in Europe. The new influx of cash is also meant to “contribute to ongoing efforts to develop … a comprehensive EV charging network and enable ChargePoint’s full range of charging solutions for passenger cars, electric buses, and trucks to be deployed” throughout Europe, according to the company.

So when you’re ready to take the plunge and go green with your car, you’ll likely be charging those new wheels with a charging station operated by ChargePoint.

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