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De Niro Reportedly playing Enzo Ferrari in upcoming biopic

Enzo Ferrari
Ferraris have been the scene stealers in many films, but there’s never been a big film about them. This may change as Robert De Niro is reported to have signed up to star in a film about the luxury automaker’s rise to prominence. His role? None other than “Il Commendatore” himself, Enzo Ferrari.

De Niro revealed his involvement to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero. The report says that he caught wind of the project when the production company looking to make the movie signed a deal with the Tribeca Film Festival, which De Niro founded.

Ferrari F40
The Ferrari F40 is the final car that Enzo was involved with before is death in 1988.

The movie, simply titled Ferrari, will chronicle Ferrari’s life from 1945 to 1980. This time period encapsulates the founding of the eponymous company in Maranello all the way to Enzo’s death in 1988.

Nothing is confirmed, but both De Niro and the producers would like Clint Eastwood to direct. He’s apparently eager to see a script before saying anything. Producers are rumored to be in talks with Chris Wilkinson, the screenwriter for films like Ali and Nixon under his belt.

If true, this would be a fantastic epic that would span several eras in car history. While we’re interested in the dramatic telling of Ferrari’s struggles to build the company, his personal successes and low points, we have to admit we’re more excited about the cars that would be involved.

If we had our way, we’d love to see Ron Howard helm the project as he’s proven himself the master of meticulous accuracy. This is a great excuse to see amazing historical cars in action, from the Alfa Romeo Tipo C to the 250 GTO, all the way to the F40, which was the last car Enzo Ferrari had a hand in before his passing. That also goes without mentioning all the amazing rivals cars Ferraris have had throughout these eras. We hope there will be confirmation of the project soon as we’re already eager to see Rosso Corsa on the silver screen.

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