Forget Heinz ketchup; Ford is bringing 57 vehicles to SEMA 2013

This year’s SEMA show promises to be one of best attractions in Las Vegas. We have already reported on Hyundai’s mad entries, and Vortech’s frightening Yellow Jacket Mustang but apparently the folks behind the big blue oval aren’t done yet.

Ford just unveiled its ‘Dreamcase’ featuring some of the most exciting vehicles it will be featuring at the aftermarket spectacular that is SEMA.

Numerous takes on the Ford’s baby, the Fiesta ST, will appear, taking the form of everything from rally cars to kitted-out street racers.

Ford is hoping to show off the versatility and cool factor of its important subcompact by dressing it up in carbon fiber and kicking up the performance.

Our favorite is the Fiesta ST design by Bojix. With a custom cat-back exhaust, Banks Straight-Shot water-methanol injection system and some truly immature styling, this is one boy-racer that promises not to disappoint at the lights.

However, as cool as they are, the Fiesta designs pale in comparison to the last hurrah of the 2014 Mustang. With a completely redesigned Mustang – except for the styling – due out in 2015, Ford could be forgiven for letting the old pony car go quietly.

We already knew from Vortech’s Yellow Jacket that the automotive community wasn’t about to let that happen. But what Ford has done in partnership with tuning companies is just insane.

Take the Hollywood Hot Rods Mustang GT Convertible. For starters, it’s Hollywood Hot Rods put on one of the sexiest hardtops you are likely to see. With lines like that, you could be forgiven for never wanting to see it topless. A handcrafted aluminum areo kit makes this car look fast – and aggressive – standing still.

But the good stuff just starts with the looks. The suspension has been lowered and stiffened, and it needs to be because of what these madmen did under the hood. We thought Vortech was impressive for getting 605 horsepower out of the Yellow Jacket. Hollywood Hot Rods has managed – through a combination of methanol injection and supercharging – to pull 750 horsepower out of the 5.0 V8, more than the Lamborghini Veneno and probably enough to get California to break off and sink into the ocean.

Even with an improved suspension, the live rear axle on a Mustang is going to make 750 hp a bit difficult to handle. I suspect this Mustang is going to go ’round corners exclusively through power slides. Let’s just hope they included some carbon fiber sphincter guards.

Believe it or not, these mad cars are just the start. Ford plans on bringing 57 cars to SEMA, with everything from F-150s to Fusions getting a shot at the limelight. Personally, I am excited for what Ford is dubbing Vandemonium: a booth that will display 10 different customized Ford Transit Connects. With a combination of utility – and hopefully some silly performance – there should be enough to keep everyone from Scooby Doo to the A-Team happy.

Check back with us over the next few weeks as we bring you the latest from SEMA including Ford’s fabulous contraptions.