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Have $110,000 lying around and want a Tesla Model S today? You’re in luck!

Tesla Model S

For most Tesla buyers, the wait between order and delivery has been around three months, despite the Tesla website insisting the wait is closer to two. But that’s all about to change, well at least for a few high-rolling buyers. Tesla says it has some fully-loaded 85-kWh 2013 Tesla Model S Performance models as inventory vehicles ready for delivery today.

Even with a price tag around $110,00, buyers won’t be able to specify options or color combos because supplies are limited and the cars have already been built. If you’re the kind of wealthy EV enthusiast who hates to wait, however, this opportunity could be just what you’ve been hoping for.

This deal reminds us of the old Henry Ford quote about the Model T, “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.”

Why does Tesla have top of the line inventory vehicles sitting around, awaiting buyers? It’s simple, really; some of the inventory vehicles had been ordered by buyers who were unable to come up with the funds by the delivery date and others were used as in-store display cars.

All the inventory vehicles have been spec’d with 21-inch wheels, the Performance Plus handling package, panoramic sunroofs, and the technology and premium sound packages. As for colors, the inventory fleet has every color that Tesla offers, including the highly anticipated multicoat red, according to Green Car Reports.

So here’s your chance. If you have the funds and hate waiting, your Model S awaits. We’d run down and grab a few but our money is tied up in some offshore deals right now. You know how it is.

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