Why so serious? Now you can fight crime in your livingroom with LEGO’s Batman Tumbler

The Batmobile has always been a unique mixture of style, practicality, intimidation, and gadgetry, but no other iteration emphasized brute force in the way that Christopher Nolan’s Tumbler did.

At 15 feet long and 5000-pounds, the machine gun-toting Tumbler is clearly a frightening figure. Under full acceleration, the car can rise up on its front wheels, creating a terrifying, giant spider-like effect.

If you thought that was scary, though, wait until you see LEGO’s new version. Can you imagine stepping on that thing?

The Danish toy company has announced a new, football-sized replica of Batman’s choice ride from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The angular Tumbler is making its debut at San Diego’s Comic-Con this week, and its attention to detail is higher than Catwoman’s bill at Petco.

LEGO Tumbler

She likes cats.

The 1869-piece kit features real rubber tires, intricate interior controls that feature an ‘INTIMIDATE’ setting, two seats, and adjustable flaps. The LEGO Tumbler weighs over four pounds and measures 15 inches long, so it will have quite the commanding presence, whether it’s perched on your special-edition bookshelf or creeping around the carpet at night.

The Tumbler officially goes on sale in September, and comes with exclusive figures of the Dark Knight himself and his perpetually chaotic nemesis, the Joker. Both pieces are modeled after Christian Bale and Heath Ledger’s characters from the Nolan trilogy, and Ledger’s Joker, even in pint-sized form, is pretty creepy.

The Tumbler set costs $200, which may seem like a lot for a LEGO, but it’s not bad considering how detailed these pieces are.

As the Joker says, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”