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Lexus goes from bold to bizarre with its LF-SA concept

One part Sonic the Hedgehog, one part Decepticon, and one part juvenile cave beast, Lexus’ LF-SA concept is an angular adventurer from the future.

A weird one.

The brand’s first city car has just made its world debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, and the “Lexus Future Small Adventurer” is a pint-sized people carrier with a focus on maneuverability.

At just 11.1-feet long, 5.5-ft wide, and 4.6-ft tall, the LF-SA was designed to navigate the cramped cities of the future, one that is apparently extremely aggressive because the car looks mean. With its extremely sharp lines and huge spindle grill that looks like some sort of sci-fi gravity drive, the “urban 2+2” employs a look that is simply bizarre.

Inside, the LF-SA wraps up connectivity and infotainment features in a driver-focused package. A hologram-style display is the main highlight, which is integrated with Lexus’ “instrument binnacle and wide-angle head-up display.”

The automaker calls the interior design “manipulation of lightness,” which is materialized in the vehicle’s sweeping dashboard and sharp cutouts that both save weight and give the passengers ample room to move about.

Furthermore, the driver’s seat is fixed, while the steering wheel and pedals adjust … just like in LaFerrari.

The powertrain has not been detailed by Lexus at the time of this writing, but let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be an electric or hybrid system. Perhaps it runs on the screams of children, because this thing looks creepier with each look.

Watch the official reveal video below.

LEXUS LF-SA: Revealed

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