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Nissan's all-new GT-R sports car may have been delayed into the next decade

Nissan Concept Vision 2020 GT
Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT Image used with permission by copyright holder
It seems Nissan will rest on its laurels a bit longer — a new report suggests the successor to the current GT-R won’t hit production until 2020 … or later.

Though the Japanese automaker has stirred enthusiasm for the next generation “‘Godzilla” sports car with projects like the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concept that debuted in Tokyo last month, it still has much more room for improvement on the present generation. This news comes in contrast to earlier rumors that Nissan could debut the next GT-R as soon as 2017.

Nissan Australia’s managing director Richard Emery recently told Motoring that “it’s not on the horizon” in 2017, 2018, or even 2019. “Riots in the streets!” you might say, but apparently the brand has plans to construct a major refresh or two for the GT-R that’s existed more or less in its same form since 2007.

In 2016, the GT-R will go through a mid-cycle update after the automaker pauses production so engineers can revise the chassis to meet new U.S. market crash test standards. These changes will include a more durable roof and body panels, plus a few interior modifications.

As for what else is pending before the launch of the GT-R’s next form, Nissan has hinted that there’s still more to be achieved from the R35 GT-R’s 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 to surpass even the GT-R Nismo’s 600 horsepower.

Part of the delay has to do with the next-gen vehicle’s proposed hybrid powertrain, co-developed by Williams Engineering. By the time of its completion, the system could make as much as 1,250 hp and turn the GT-R into a genuine supercar. Indeed figures like that move the GT-R well into the territory of even the upcoming Bugatti Chiron. Whatever’s under the hood, styling will be inspired by the Vision 2020 GT Concept — and that means bold design changes are on the way.

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