Rolls-Royce to debut electric Phantom at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

rolls royce goes electric phanto rollsroyceelectric

The fabulously wealthy might be better than us, but they need to do their part in saving the world too, right? That’s the opinion German car-maker Rolls-Royce holds, as evidenced by the announcement that the company has developed its first all-electric test vehicle. A press release reveals that the 102EX, or Phantom Experimental Electric, will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week, on March 1, 2011.

As you might have already guessed, the 102EX is modeled after Rolls-Royce’s popular — it’s all relative where luxury cars are concerned, but popular amongst RR customers — Phantom line of automobiles. “We have engineered the world’s first battery electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment,” said CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös in a statement, eliciting sighs of relief from the ultra-rich (and Ed Begley Jr.). “With this vehicle, we begin an exploration into alternative drive-trains, seeking clarity on which alternative technologies may be suitable to drive Rolls-Royce motor cars of the future.”

Following its Geneva debut, Rolls-Royce intends to tour the car around through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America through the remainder of 2011, gathering data and feedback for its future plans. There is nothing set as far as manufacturing a production model goes for now, but the winds of change are certainly blowing in that direction in the automotive industry as a whole and this news marks Rolls-Royce’s first entry in the widespread shift away from petroleum-based fuels. The company already has a website up,, which it says will be updated with 102EX info this week.