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360 dash cam reveals what’s happening around your car — even when it’s empty

Waylens, a maker of smart dash cams, is back with a follow-up to its previous-generation product, the Horizon — and this time it’s setting its sights a little wider. Literally. Called the Secure360, the new dash cam can shoot 360-degree video and photos so you can keep an eye on exactly what’s happening around your car at all times.

Usefully, this also includes those moments when you’re not in the vehicle, with the ability to 4G livestream what’s happening straight to your phone. This feature can be accessed on-demand at any time, or will alert you if something strange is detected, courtesy of the device’s smart sensors. These include a combination of radar, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro and GPS, which are capable of operating when your car is turned off for up to 360 hours — with the aid of an external battery pack.

“The Secure360 concept and design began years ago when we were conceptualizing our first product, the Horizon performance camera for auto enthusiasts,” Waylens CEO Haowei Zhang told Digital Trends. “As imaging and computer vision experts, we realized we were uniquely positioned to address safety and security issues that all drivers face and to do so with beautiful and thoughtful design.”

Zhang describes the ideal Secure360 customer as, “any vehicle owner who wants to protect their cars, themselves, and their loved ones from threats and misinformation.”

“Accidents, accident litigation, thefts, vandalism, and vehicle safety issues are so common that we really think of the Secure360 as a product for every driver,” Zhang said. “Of course, the Secure360 is also a perfect security partner for Uber and Lyft drivers and others who use their vehicles to earn a living.”

If you’re in the market for a Secure360, you can currently pre-order one on Kickstarter, where a super early bird 4G model will set you back $249 — including mount, power cord, app, and six months of service. If you’re not so bothered about the “always on” connectivity, and just want the camera, you can buy a stripped-down, camera-only version for $199. Shipping is set to take place in December for the basic version, and March 2018 for the full product.

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