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Tesla wants to move your driver profile to the cloud, says CEO Elon Musk

Tesla Model S red
Tesla has staked its reputation upon being the car company of the future and apparently, that involves going to the cloud. No, we don’t mean that the company is working on developing a flying car (though really, who knows) — rather, it would appear that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is working on cloud-based driver profiles.

As it stands, owners of both Model S and Model X Teslas are able to create driver profiles that automatically adjust a number of settings within the vehicle based on an individual’s preferences. For example, seat position, side-view mirror placement, and steering wheel height can all be saved and readily applied, as can a number of details like unit formats or steering and regenerative baking modes, Electrek points out.

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Currently, to choose one of these profiles, drivers must either navigate the car’s center screen or have the profile linked to a key fob. But in the future, Musk says, that may not be the case. In fact, in a customary Twitter announcement, the executive said that these profiles will live in the cloud, which allows “any Tesla you drive in the world [to] automatically adjust to you.”

Noting that the company would be moving “all info and settings to the ‘cloud’ (aka server),” Musk set quite the expectation for his tech-savvy drivers. So that means that if Teslas become more commonplace on our highways, you could step into any one of them, and automatically have it feel like your very own. And if Tesla were to ever create a rental network, cloud-based driver profiles could be particularly handy.

But such profiles would not exclusively benefit the drivers — rather, this veritable treasure trove of information could also be hugely helpful for Tesla itself. After all, keeping these profiles (and storing them in the cloud) almost makes Tesla a sort of social network, with a wide network of users who are all, in some way, connected to one another.

So get excited, drivers. Musk is not necessarily just making the car of the future — he may just be onto the driver setup of the future as well.

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