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Meet the Model M: British designer imagines electric Tesla motorcycle

Since 2010, Tesla has built an electric roadster and a variety of stylish sedans, and the brand is currently prepping its Model X crossover for launch. With more high-profile debuts on the way, it’s an exciting time to be an EV fan, however the American company is unlikely to venture into the two-wheeled arena anytime soon. But that’s not stopping one designer from imagining an electric motorcycle, and it has the perfect name — Model M.

Sharing its designation with the fictional leader of James Bond’s MI6, the hypothetical two-wheeler was digitally crafted by London designer Jans Slapins, a man with a clear penchant for style. A quick look through his catalog reveals stunning works such as the Lamborghini Rat Rod, a vehicle as incredible as it is inconceivable.

The Model M, originally detailed by Silodrome, equips a 201-horsepower electric motor and four different operating modes: Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco. Power is sourced from lithium-ion batteries mounted as low as possible on the aluminum frame, keeping the center of gravity down and the handling sharp.

Tesla Model M
Jans Slapins

At first glance, the bike looks heavy. However, the center compartment — where the fuel tank would normally be — is actually a watertight storage locker, with enough room for a laptop, backpack, or a full face helmet. And because the vehicle is electric, there’s no need for a transmission.

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The Model M employs oodles of modern technology and next-generation materials, such as lightweight carbon-fiber wheels. Additionally, a mono shock suspension setup keeps the rear-end stable, while inverted forks keep everything savvy up front.

Is the Model M or a Tesla motorbike in general something you would buy? Let us know what you think of the design in the comments.

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