Tesla Model S rounding the corner, set to hit initial July delivery dates


Although the Tesla Model S is due in the near future, unless you are in a very small minority, you may have a long wait ahead of you before you can pop into your local dealership to pick one up. Unless of course you among those that dropped a $40,000 deposit to reserve your very own Model S, or perhaps you recently purchased an expensive new home near Chicago and got one for free. Regardless, it looks like California’s Tesla Motors is gearing up and preparing to roll out the first batch of its Model S cars from its Fremont plant.

The electric-powered Model S is the second model from Tesla, after the Roadster, and will be priced at around $57,400 (before the $7,500 federal tax credit) for the 160-mile range version, with deliveries beginning in the fall of 2012. Meanwhile, the first 1,000 all-electric sedans to roll off the line in July will be the limited edition Model S Signature Series equipped with a 300-mile range (85 kWh) battery pack, and priced around $87,900 after a $7,500 federal tax credit.

Lucky customers who reserved the Signature Series have reportedly been sending in their specification requests, which is a good indication that Tesla will indeed be hitting its July delivery target. If you happen to be a reservation holder, Tesla will personally deliver your vehicle to the destination of your choice — giving you a personalized one-on-one introduction to the car and all its features. Reservation holders also have the option of picking up their Model S  from the factory and getting a personalized tutorial after taking a tour of the electric automaker’s facilities.

Tesla has also announced the addition of three colors for the Model S’ interior: Piano Black, Lacewood, and Banana Leaf. Making wonderful use of that vivid 17-inch infotainment display, Tesla also confirmed internet connectivity will be offered on all models. No official details yet on what connectivity options will cost, but it looks like Tesla will offer multiple plans and packages.

According to Tesla, the company has also been working on an information packet for its customers in regards to the electric experience. The “Go Electric” experience — as it has been referred to — aims to educate current and prospective owners by answering the five most frequently asked questions about the Model S: how far can I go, how do I charge, how do I take a trip, how much does it cost to charge, and finally, where does my electricity come from? According to Tesla, the “Go Electric” experience will answer these questions, as well as explain to consumers “how and why electric vehicles fit perfectly into people’s day to day lives.”