Let the Lexus RC F take you for a VR lap around the Ascari track with this new app

Taking a spin in the Lexus RC F can be pretty sweet, especially if you have a lovely track on hand to thrash it around on.For those unable to secure either at the same, Lexus sort of has you covered in the interim with a new app that takes you on a wild VR lap through your smartphone.

The Lexus Virtual Drive places viewers not just in the passenger seat, but throughout different spots throughout the track as well as on the car, while the Lexus does a few runs of the beautiful Ascari circuit in Spain.

Lexus RC F Virtual Lap app

Downloading the app puts the viewer in the car’s cockpit with a racing driver who will take them on a journey around the course, accompanied by another RC F who will join in on the fun. Occasionally, the action will jump out of the car and place the viewer at a cool vantage point on the side of the track or even on the tarmac while the two sports cars whiz by.

The perspective will also jump to a mounted spot on different parts of the car’s exterior. In all these instances, the app lets you scan your surroundings, providing a full 360-degree perspective, which you can pause and continue to look around at your leisure.

Lexus RC F Virtual Lap app

Lexus’ app is fun and designed for either Apple or Android devices. If you have a Google cardboard or similar accessory, there’s a mode that will accommodate them with a split screen, but you can also just play it normally on the face of the smartphone.

Be forewarned, though: spinning around in an office chair to keep up with the action (or while trying to grab screenshots for an article) can leave you awfully dizzy. There’s a browser version available, too that’s less fun, but much more stationary. The App is a free grab that’s good for a few minutes of fun and gives you a ride around a wonderful track, so we recommend you jump on your device’s app store, grab it, and enjoy.

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