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Toyota could have a 256-horsepower FR-S ready by 2015

toyota could have a 256 horsepower fr s ready by 2015 scion orange
Scion FR-S

Oh goodness. Here we go again: more Scion FR-S powertrain speculation. This time, though, the rumors seem much more plausible and – delightfully – right around the corner. At least in automotive industry terms.

In recent months, we’ve discussed supercharged and sport hybrid variants of the FR-S/BRZ. All in the hopes that Toyota would give us something to make a bit more power from the insatiable little sports coupe. None, however, seemed quite real, as the best chance for a power boost – the sport hybrid variant – is at least several years off.

Now, though, word has come from Australian site Drive that chief FR-S designer, Tetsuya Tada, admitted a power output increase could happen as soon as a mid-model refresh in 2015.  “I hope to make an engine upgrade at least one time with this car,” Tada said in a Drive interview.

Scion FR-S engine

What kind of power increase, you ask? Inside sources at Toyota have indicated that the 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder could be punched out to 2.5-liters. This increase in displacement would represent a 54-horsepower increase, which would push the FR-S to 254 horsepower.

Why is this the most likely power increase we’ll see in the first-gen FR-S? Not only would it be in keeping with the lightweight essence of the FR-S, unlike a bulky and heavy hybrid system, it would also be pretty darn cheap.

While we at Digital Trends love the technical prospects of a hybrid or super capacitor-based high-performance FR-S, we have to remember the old racing mantra: there’s no replacement for displacement. Until the sport hybrid FR-S is released, we’ll happily embrace a 2.5-liter version until it gets here.

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