Darth Vader, your motorcycle is here (no, seriously, it comes with a lightsaber)

Whether he was known as Anakin Skywalker or the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader drove some cool vehicles in his day — podracers, a customized TIE fighter, and various combat spacecraft during the Clone Wars. Now, there’s a new people carrier made in his image, but this one’s a bit more grounded than the rest.

Appropriately named the Dark Force, this sinister two-wheeler is made by Redmond, Washington-based Ural Motorcycles, and it features plenty of Vader-inspired flair. The body, engine, and exhaust have been completely blacked out, and it features LED lighting and a red lightsaber as standard equipment. As with all of Ural’s bikes, the Dark Force also features a sidecar, perfect for that secret apprentice you’re hiding from The Emperor.

“Come to the dark side … we’ve got sidecars!” the brand says.


Aside from the Sith theme and plasma energy weapon, the Dark Force boasts a large Enduro bench seat, a 2.9-cubic foot waterproof trunk, and a 749cc, air-cooled two-cylinder engine that makes 41 horsepower. It could be the perfect choice for getting from one end of the Star Destroyer to the other, or perhaps for attending a certain upcoming movie premiere in style. Just 25 examples will be made, each of which will start at $14,999. The Dark Force arrives at Ural dealerships today.

If you can’t get your mitts on one of these limited-edition motorcycles, not to worry, there are plenty of Vader-approved vehicles in the galaxy. At San Diego Comic Con last year, for example, Hot Wheels unveiled a life-sized version of its “Darth Vader Car” toy, which was styled after the Dark Lord’s iconic helmet. Sith lords constantly lust for power, and the car responded in kind with a 526-hp Chevy LS3 small-block V8. Read more about the vehicle here.

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