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Volvo used crowdsourcing to update its innovative ‘On Call’ smartphone app

Volvo On Call

Believe it or not, Volvo was the first automaker to offer a smartphone app that allowed Volvo owners and users to be in constant contact with their Volvo car. The app’s remote features include: lock and unlock of doors; fuel level and battery charge readouts; climate control pre-sets and more.

Keen to update the app while offering more of exactly what Volvo owners need, Volvo opened suggestions up to its Facebook page earlier this year. What it heard from respondents were feature suggestions that were not only basic but also crucial.

The most popular ideas that Volvo has not yet implemented in the application:

  • A feature that lets me find my car keys when I misplace them.
  • A feature that lets me pay for parking through the application.
  • A reminder that lets me know when my parking is about to expire.
  • A notification that lets me know how far the closest gas station is when I’m running low.

Beyond those basic ideas, some respondents asked that Volvo make the app a bit of a big brother type, requesting that it alert you every time you pass your favorite restaurant, for example.

While we’re not so sure about the nanny-like features, we do like the sound of the others. We lose our keys constantly and allowing our phone to help us find them would be outstanding.

There is a catch to Volvo’s brilliance, though. We’ll give you a hint. Here are all the countries in which this innovative app are presently available: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

Did you catch it? The U.S. isn’t on that list. Strange, right? We reached out to a Volvo representative to find out why but have yet to hear back. As soon as we do, though, we’ll be sure to update you so check back soon.

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