Acer’s focus grows with a new smartwatch, VR headset, and 360 camera

Acer’s announcement-packed Next@Acer event included a slew of products ranging from gaming computers to slim laptops, with a varying set of release dates. A few don’t quite fit into any other major product releases, instead focusing on emerging and developing areas of technology with novel additions to the concept.

First up, the Acer Leap Ware takes the fitness smartwatch and refines it with a couple of key features that play well as a team. Instead of Android Wear, Acer developed its own smartwatch software, built on a MediaTek MT2523 chipset with an MT2511 for heart rate sensing. With a screen built from Corning Gorilla Glass and an IPX7 water resistance rating, users will not have to worry about an unexpected rainstorm or accidental damage, and a built-in LED helps for those who do not take their phone on a run. Acer also provides social features through the Liquid Life app, where users can share their workouts and battle for coins in the Liquid Life marketplace. The Leap Ware will hit shelves in North American in July, starting at $139.

Next up, two products with less clear release dates. The first is the Acer Holo 360, a 360-degree camera that also makes phone calls. It has 4G built right in and a small screen, which allows for quick viewing, editing, and sharing, all without a smartphone.

Acer also announced that it’s working with Microsoft on the mixed reality headset units promised for Windows Holographic, and that development kits are already in capable hands. No word on when either of those products will find their way into users’ homes, or how much they will cost when they do.

acer leap ware etc hmd devkit

Acer continues to find new and intriguing ways to reach into different product categories. We have been waiting for mixed reality headsets in particular for quite some time, so any sign of progress is appreciated. That said, Acer’s focus continues to fall squarely on computers, which made up the bulk of the content at this year’s press conference.

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