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Alienware’s new gaming laptops to start shipping by the end of September

Alienware released the first details on its next wave of gaming laptops Friday. As always, the new Alienware 15 and 17 are a pair of incredibly powerful, high-performance machines: This year Alienware has managed to pack a VR-capable PC into portable package; one that’s almost 25 percent thinner than the previous model.

Alienware has now announced that the smaller, 15-inch system will start at just $1,350, while the larger, 17-inch laptop will start at $1,500. Orders for both systems will begin shipping on September 30.

Both the Alienware 15 and 17 will feature Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia 10-series GPUs, and DDR4 memory running at up to 2,667Mhz. Both machines will have a 68 watt-hour lithium ion battery, with the option to upgrade to a 99 watt-hour battery. (According to Alienware, the upgraded battery is the largest it could use without running into issues with FAA flight regulations). The 15 features a 15.6″ display. The 17 has a 17.3″ display. Both have 1080p IPS screens with an anti-glare coating.

The new design, which looks considerably sleeker and more refined compared to your average gaming laptop, uses anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy to keep weight down. Steel reinforcements keep the laptop stiff and sturdy, and copper pieces help with thermal management.

As teased earlier this week, the Alienware 17 will also feature a camera with built-in Tobii eye-tracking. The laptop will come with an exclusive app, Ovenwolf, which allows players to record and study detailed feedback on where they most focus during fast-paced, competitive gameplay. Both the 15 and 17 have cameras that support Windows Hello and support Alienware’s proprietary HD+IR presence detection, which can dim down the screen and other lights (like the keyboard) when you look away.

In addition to the 15- and 17-inch notebooks, Alienware will reveal and release a new 13-inch gaming laptop in November. Like its larger brothers, the 13-inch model will be considerably thinner — about 20 percent —  and have a Nvidia 10-series GPU. The Alienware 15 and 17 will begin shipping on September 30 for $1,350 and $1,500 respectively, with the 13 following sometime in November.

Updated on 9/22/16 by Brad Bourque to add announcement by Alienware of pricing for the new 15 and 17-inch laptops.

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