Black Friday kicks off early with hefty discounts on AMD chips

amd a series apus discounts and price cuts kaveri

We might be a good five weeks away from what’s traditionally regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, but GPU and CPU maker AMD is already in a giving mood. Three full lines of APUs are about to get discounted, and AMD’s most advanced chip solution, the A10-7850K, is included.

Part of the revolutionary Kaveri family and based on Steamroller architecture, the 7850K is currently available at $179. Soon enough, you’ll be able to buy it at $143. That’s a $36 cut, or 20 percent savings.

Not too shabby for a pre-Black Friday promotion, and we’re only getting started. The second best A-Series APU with discounts on the way is the A10-7800. Priced at $164, the 12-core, Radeon R7-powered chip will go down to $133. That’s roughly 18 percent off, and the Kaveri A10-7700K is similarly slashed, from $159 to $123. Meanwhile, the 45W A8-7600 APU, also part of the Kaveri roster, will see a cool $17 shaved off its current suggested retail price tag.

Previously available at $109, the 10-core CPU+GPU combo will cost $92. But the promos don’t include the Steamroller-based chips released early this year. They stretch to the now two-year-old Trinity and Richland parts as well.

The cheapest of the Piledriver-based bunch, the Trinity A4-4400, is to become an even bigger bargain, at $27. Of course, you do get exactly what you pay for, so maybe it’s wiser to pick a $112 A10-6800K, or $92 A8-6600K. If you could use a CPU with a higher frequency, DDR3-2133 support and better matching graphics performance, that is.

Overall, all deals on all AMD A-Series APUs are advantageous, but if it’s speed you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the A10-7850K Kaveri. It has Radeon R7 graphics, 4 CPU cores clocked at 4.0 GHz, 8 GPU cores at 720 MHz, 95W thermal design power, TrueAudio technology for immersive audio, and efficient Mantle support.

It’s the Lamborghini of accelerated processing units, and it’s not that expensive now.