AMD releases benchmark comparison to GTX 980 Ti

amd releases benchmark comparison to gtx980ti amdfury2

Any PC gamer will be well aware of the longstanding rivalry between AMD and Nvidia. The two companies have been embroiled in fierce competition for years, and the launch of any new component from either manufacturer is typically followed by endless comparisons with its equivalent from the other.

AMD’s R9 Fury X was officially unveiled at E3 earlier this week, and it looks set to be a very compelling proposition for any PC gamers looking to get ready for the flourishing world of virtual reality. With its potentially groundbreaking implementation of High-Bandwidth Memory, it could well be the graphics card to beat for 2015.

However, it’s easy enough for a graphics card to look good on paper — gamers are looking to see what it can do in practice. As such, AMD has released a detailed benchmark comparison between the R9 Fury X and NVIDIA’s GTX 980 Ti., as reported by Tech Report.

The information lists off average framerate readouts from each graphics card as they’re used to run notable titles at 4K resolution. Titles such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Crysis 3 were all included in the test.

The R9 Fury X came out on top in every game tested, albeit only by a whisker for some of the older titles. Given that AMD carried out the tests, this is rather unsurprising, but the results do speak for themselves. Perhaps notable by their absence are Mortal Kombat X and Grand Theft Auto V, two hugely popular console titles ported to the PC this year.

This comparison certainly paints the R9 Fury X in a very positive light, but obviously a more impartial test is required to see whether the card is as good as AMD suggests it is.

AMD will launch the R9 Fury X on June 24, with the standard R9 Fury releasing three weeks later on July 14.