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AMD’s new Ryzen chips are available for order, still in stock at most retailers

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The wait is finally over. On March 2, you’ll be able to run out and purchase one of AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs — if there are any left. Pre-orders started just last week at 185 retail outlets, but you might want to get yours in quick, because even the big box stores are limiting how many you can order at a time. So if you want to be among the first to pick up a Ryzen CPU, read on, as we’ve broken down initial availability at a few major retail outlets below.

Where you can order now

Among the first to list Ryzen chips for pre-order, NewEgg was at the head of the pack. Despite limiting the number of Ryzen CPUs you can order at once — five per customer — availability still looks good. If you pre-order from NewEgg, you can expect your new Ryzen CPU to ship after March 2, 2017. It doesn’t appear that ship dates have started to slip just yet, so you might want to get in before they do.

NewEgg also has a number of pre-order listings for Ryzen-compatible motherboards from the usual OEMs, including Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock. Though a few of these have ship dates as late as March 9.

Amazon also has all three CPUs available for pre-order, alongside a number of compatible motherboard bundles, and ready-to-ship gaming PCs featuring Ryzen CPUs.

Component wholesaler Tiger Direct also has all three Ryzen chips available for pre-order, without any shipping estimates. The CPUs are listed as “out of stock” and “ships when available,” but it doesn’t appear that there are any limits on the number of Ryzen chips you can pick up at once.

If you’re more in the mood for picking up a whole system, both Best Buy has a number of pre-order listings for CyberPowerPC gaming rigs built with Ryzen chips.

So far, overall availability is looking good, and we have yet to see any single retailer inflating prices beyond the MSRP for all three chips. We’ll keep an eye out for updated deals and availability as more retailers join in the fray.

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