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Apple Government Sales Rose 200 Percent in June

If anyone thought that Apple passing Microsoft in market capitalization was a fluke, then a new report seems to suggest that the fluke might continue for quite awhile. A new report from Charlie Wolf of Needham breaks down Apple’s growth over the last quarter, and things are looking exceptionally good for the Cupertino giant, especially in the government and business markets, both of which have traditionally been dominated by the PC.

CNN is reporting that Apple’s second-quarter sales to the government were good. Very good. Macs saw a 200-percent increase in its government sales. Apple also saw the Mac showing serious growth in homes and at business. The European market has also been kind for Apple, where its unit share has hit 7 percent, more than double from the first quarter of 2006 when it was at 3.4 percent. Apple’s dollar shares have also tripled in that time, from 4.6 percent to 15.4 percent.

“The key driver,” Wolf said of Apple sales in Europe, “appears to be the iPhone. The iPhone holds a higher share in the European smartphone market than it does in the U.S. because it is distributed through multiple carriers in most countries in this region. In addition, the halo effect emanating from the iPhone is undoubtedly stronger than the iPod halo effect.”

Apple currently holds a tiny percent of the worldwide computer market at 3.5-percent, meaning there is room to grow. Over the last quarter, Apple has seen remarkable growth in all fields, including a 35-percent growth for Mac shipments in June, a 31.4-percent growth in the home market, and a 49.8-percent growth in business.

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