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Apple’s MacBook Pro problem will make you want to backup your files ASAP

After user outcry over keyboard issues on the latest MacBook Pro laptops, Apple has another problem on its hands. This time, the issue affects the laptop’s logic board and the solid-state drive. Apple claims that the problem is only present on the entry-level MacBook Pro with the function row and isn’t found on higher-end configurations with the Touch Bar.

Due to an internal glitch in the laptop, when either the solid-state drive or the logic board fails, both components need to be replaced. “Apple has identified a specific population of MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, two Thunderbolt 3 ports) units requiring both solid-state drives and the main logic board to be replaced when either has a functional failure,” Apple said in a repair document that was obtained by MacRumors.

It’s unclear what is causing the simultaneous failure of both components if only one component is replaced during a repair, but Apple advised its authorized technicians that repair systems will display a message that “indicate both the SSD and MLB must be replaced when either component has a functional failure.” The issue is covered under Apple’s warranty and AppleCare Plus extended warranty as long as the MacBook Pro was not taken in for service due to water or accidental damage.

It’s speculated that Apple was able to identify the problem prior to the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference event earlier in June, resulting in shortages and extended shipping times for only the entry-level MacBook Pro model. Due to delayed delivery estimates at that time, some had hoped that Apple was winding down MacBook Pro inventory ahead of a hardware refresh, which could have delivered upgraded Intel eighth-generation processors. However, that wasn’t the case and Apple made no hardware announcements during its developer-centric WWDC keynote.

If you’re affected by system failure due to a faulty logic board or a defective solid-state drive, you can visit Apple’s support page to schedule an in-store Genius Bar appointment at a local Apple retail store or talk to a service representative over the phone. Fortunately, if you bring your MacBook Pro for either an SSD or logic board repair, both replacements would be completed at the same time, with a turnaround estimated at five to seven days. Given that the SSD is affected, MacBook Pro owners should maintain current backups of their files in case of a failure affecting either the drive or the logic board.

Prior to the simultaneous SSD and logic board failures, users have complained that due to the new butterfly key switch design on the redesigned MacBook and MacBook Pro, the keyboard was twice as susceptible to failure, and out-of-warranty repairs are more costly than with Apple’s older keyboard design. Buyers in the market for a new laptop can also visit our guide to the best laptops.

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