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VisionOS 2 is arriving way ahead of schedule

A spatial video displayed on the Apple Vision Pro.

It’s only been four months since Apple released the Vision Pro, but it’s already working on the the second version of the VisionOS operating system powering the headset. At WWDC 2024, Apple announced a long list of updates coming to VisionOS 2 that will impact apps, the virtual desktop, and even gestures.

Train mode

One of the key updates is the new Train Mode. The Vision Pro caught some flak after launch when influencers took the headset out on busy streets and subways. With VisionOS 2, Apple is adding train support to the headset’s Travel Mode, which will automatically turn on when the headset’s sensors detect that you’re on a train or plane.

Spatial photos and a new camera lens

A photo displayed in the Vision Pro.

Elsewhere, Apple updated the Photos app in VisionOS 2. A big feature coming to the headset is the ability to turn 2D images into spatial photos. Apple says the OS does this with machine learning, allowing you to see a spatial photo even if you didn’t take it with a spatial camera. You can share these photos through SharePlay as well. Apple says VisionOS 2 allows you to look at spatial photos and videos together through SharePlay.

A spatial lens for the Canon EOS R7 camera.

There are more ways to take those spatial photos and videos, though. Apple announced that a spatial lens is coming to Canon cameras with the RF/RF-S mount, such as the Canon EOS R7.

Virtual desktop

On the virtual desktop, Apple is giving users a lot more room to play with in VisionOS 2. You can scale the desktop up to be equal to two 2K (1440p) monitors side by side. That should make using the Vision Pro with your MacBook even easier, as you can have a true multi-monitor setup within the headset, and in a high resolution.

Immersive video on the Apple Vision Pro.

For entertainment, Apple has a ton of updates in VisionOS 2. You can now use AirPlay with the headset, and Apple is bringing a native Vimeo app to the headset. Apple is also adding the Bora Bora environment to the headset for your backgrounds, and you can watch new immersive videos that Apple is adding to the headset.

Coming this fall

Features for VisionOS 2.

Apple has a slew of smaller updates as well. VisionOS 2 includes new gestures, a rearrangeable Home View, and mouse support (finally). There’s also a slate of new APIs for developers, which should hopefully mean we see more native apps for the Vision Pro soon. VisionOS 2 is arriving as a free update this fall, but Apple hasn’t announced a specific date yet.

Outside of software updates, Apple revealed that the Vision Pro is coming to more countries. The headset will be available for preorder on June 28 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K., and available for preorder on June 13 in China, Hong Kon, Singapore, and Japan.

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