Belkin Wants Users to Get Cozy with New Comfort Mice

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Peripheral and accessory maker Belkin has announced a new line of Comfort Mice, featuring a new design that’s supposed to put the mouse in “optimum position for working in comfort,” along with an all-terrain optical engine for mousing reliably on any available surface. And, the mice will be available in wireless, Bluetooth, and (for the battery-free crowd) retractable USB versions to meet a variety of needs. All the Comfort Mice worth with either PCs or Macs,

The Bluetooth version will be available in black and white for $49.99 and features a laser optical sensor, while the wireless version comes with 2 AA batteries, features an 8-minute timeout that puts the mouse in power-save mode, and will be available in fuchsia, black, blue, and red for $29.99. For folks who don’t want to deal with batteries, the $19.99 retractable version (also available in red, fuchsia, black, and blue) features a retractible USB cable and that “all-terrain” sensor.

The wireless and Bluetooth mice should land in North America at the end of June, and at the end of July in Asia, Australia, and Europe. The retractible version—we have no idea why—won’t be available anywhere until August.