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The best gaming glasses

PC gaming makes for an excellent hobby, but it’s not easy on the eyes. Hours of dazzling monitor display action and RGB accent lighting can take their toll, especially with high levels of blue light. This makes your eyes feel tired and dry, can exacerbate existing conditions, and may even create focusing problems or headaches. That’s where gaming glasses can make a difference.

Designed with colored lenses and filters to hide disruptive elements of the spectrum and ease eye strain, these glasses could be the ideal accessory for you, too (and they work just as well for console gaming). Here are several of our top picks, how they work, and why they’re a worthy accompaniment to your gaming setup.

If you’re looking for more general computer reading glasses, we have a guide for the best models here as well.

Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses (Intercept/Onyx)

Gunnar creates some of the best gaming glasses around, and this model is particularly effective while still looking stylish. The tinted glasses can block 65% of blue light and 100% of UV light if you’re gaming near a window. They’re also anti-reflective to help deal with other surrounding light sources. That combination is perfect for protecting against dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision. A purchase will also include a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth, plus a 30-day return policy if you really don’t think that they’re right for you.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what that Intercept/Onyx tag means, it defines the design and color of the frames. We like Intercept/Onyx because it’s a nice middle ground that can fit a wide variety of styles, but you can also explore Gunnar’s other options if you’d prefer a different look. The lens and their protective capabilities stay largely the same from model to model.

Hyper X Gaming Eyewear

Most gaming glasses are tinted, typically a yellow/orange shade, as a cost-effective way to combat blue light waves. It works but can have an impact on gaming quality that may not be worth it to some gamers. These Hyper X glasses are expensive, but they are designed with clear lenses so that you can still enjoy accurate color information while you game. Don’t worry! They’ll still help protect against blue light — you’ll just have less color distortion.

There are four different frame styles to choose from, but otherwise, there isn’t much customization for these glasses. Every buyer also gets a hard-shell case for storage.

GameKing Ultra Clip-On

Some gamers already wear glasses while at the computer. Sometimes, optometrists can help you find glasses that include a prescription-level correction along with blue light and UV light protection. But if that’s not an option for you, we suggest these GameKing clip-on computer glasses. The rimless design works with a wide variety of glasses, and the lenses are very effective, blocking 60% of all blue light and 85% of the most harmful blue light spectrum. They also help protect against UV light and reflections to give your eyes as much comfort as possible. You do have a choice between clip styles, but it is recommended that your glasses have a frame not more than 38mm in height.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

There’s another feature that some gaming lenses offer — magnification. This isn’t really designed to meet any prescription requirements, so the lenses aren’t corrective in a real sense. But for mild issues, they can be helpful for magnifying text on your monitor so you can navigate through gaming menus more easily, which can be very helpful when playing real-time strategy (RTS) games. It may also help reduce blurry vision across the board. You can choose magnification anywhere from 1.00x to 2.25x. In addition to protecting from blue light, the glasses will also block UV light and reduce glare.

If you aren’t sure what level of magnification will be helpful for you, don’t buy until you have a good idea. If you already have clear vision, magnification will hurt more than it will help – it’s not really a gaming enhancement on its own.

Altec Vision Gaming Glasses

Want to save your money for other key gaming accessories? Then we recommend these low-cost glasses from Altec Vision. They have a durable, low-profile stainless steel frame with resin lenses to reduce blue light and block UV light. There’s no magnification or additional benefits, but it’s a very solid pick at this price range, and the frames are better than more expensive versions if you’re worried about the glasses breaking.

J+S Vision Reading/Gaming Glasses

These glasses offer a wide variety of choices for gamers who prefer some customization options. There are several styles to pick from, including round, square, and classic rectangle. You can also pick out different lenses, including lenses designed for low color distortion and lenses for high definition, although this may lock in some of your style choices, too. No matter what you choose, all versions will help protect against 50% to 60% of blue light.

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